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We believe entrepreneur can bring positive changes to the world, therefore Big Salad Acceleration Program plans to recruit talented first-staged startup teams over the world, via the platform provided by Big Salad, 60 selected teams will promote their projects to investors, social media and audience from across the world, which helps teams to obtain financing opportunities, media coverage and exposure.


Before debuting on the platform, startup teams will participate a 3 – months Acceleration Program provided by Big Salad, to develop projects efficiently, we will help talented startup team to build up business model, products and marketing strategies.


Big Salad Acceleration Program


Bid Salad Acceleration Program aims to ‘be an accelerator to widen the horizon of future entrepreneurs’. Entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from different industries will be your mentors to help you avoid black spots in business effectively and build up business model efficiently.


Join Acceleration Program will help you…


A.   Experienced mentors

Big Salad invites entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from different industries to take up the role of mentors, including Guo Lie, the founder of MyoTee&FaceU, Zhou Yuan, the director of marketing department of TaoBao web, the marketing team of Tencent… These mentors will help you on your path of entrepreneurship.


B.   Focus on 4 thematic streams: product, financing, business model and marketing

Professionals from 4 thematic streams will talk about the perspective of investors viewing projects, investment trend and financing market, will also help you build up a brand and business model.


C.   Technology over the world

You peers are from across the world, foreign technical group will also participate, meanwhile, business incubators from Silicon Valley and investors of investment institution will be your mentors, you will get to know how the top scientific and technology corporations built up.


Moreover, we will send at least 2 selected startup teams to Finland to participate SLUSH and 10 – days Global Impact Acceleration Program in November.  Selected teams will meet over 1700 entrepreneurs and 800 investors from 100 countries over the world, in other words, selected teams will obtain an opportunity of roadshow and learning experience oversea.


D.   Platform for Big Salad alumni

Selected teams can free install in our workplace in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Furthermore, selected teams will be our alumni, we will provide a platform for our alumni to meet up with over 200 investment corporations from both China and foreign countries, in order to help alumni obtain investment effectively and efficiently. We will also help startup teams to select Development Service Providers, startup teams will get to know Big Salad cooperative partners, including LeanCloud, OsChina, Tencent Group Innovation Space and Upyun.


E.    Big Salad Demo Day


Selected Acceleration Program startup teams will debut on Big Salad Demo Day, investors and audience will witness how you change the world.



Criteria to participate Acceleration Program


1.    Product prototype must be ready


2.    Core startup team is full-timed participating, at least 1 technical developer is required


3.    Projects are from, but not limited in the following 3 fields:


a.    Entertainment

Music, animation, game, video, sports or even social media, we welcome all types of entertainment projects


b.    technology

we are looking forward to see all innovative startup teams, such as intelligent hardware, artificial intelligent (AI) and virtual display.


c.    Consumption Upgrade

We are concern about consumption upgrade, such as catering and transportation field.


Gratitude to our supporting partners

Big Salad Acceleration Program is supported by the following corporations




Big Salad Acceleration Program Mentors


Gu Min Man – Director of Management, ZhenFund

Qiu Bin Bin – Director of Investment, 3W Fund

Xu Jian Hai – Shanghai Representative, K2VC & Founder, Ikeepu

Zhao Chen – Partner of Management, Plug and Play China

Ma Rui – Partner, 500 Startups

Du Jian – Associate Director of Investment, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd

Wang Li Ping – Associate CEO, Purple Bull Startups

Liu Jun Yu – P4 Product Manger, Tencent & Director, Tencent Group Innovation Space

Hu Hao – M4 Marketing Expert, Tencent & Founder, 腾讯青腾创业营

Hu Mao Wei – Founder, 51yund App

Xie Ran – Shenzhen Representative, K2VC

Zhang Yong – Anchor, FM97.1 UUP

Zhou Yuan – Partner, Cmall

Zheng Huan De – Product Director, China Renaissance

Xiao Guo Xun – Founder, Sexy Salad

Bao Ai Le – Founder, Lagou & Founder, 3W Coffee


Selection Process and Timeline

  1. Application Process:By 28th July 2016

  2. Interview:28th July 2016– 3rd August 2016

  3. Decision making of Investors and audience:3rd August 2016 – 7th August 2016

  4. Acceleration Program starts:13thAugust 2016

  5. Big Salad Roadshow:20th October 2016 – 22th October 2016


Acceleration Program Fee


We will charge each startup team RMB3000. If you attend all courses and events, we will fully rebate RMB3000. Startup teams can install booth on Big Salad DEMO Day, and participate Big Salad Roadshow.


Don’t hesitate, come and join us!



Complete the Application Material including


1.    Online Application Form


2.    1 - min Video

Please introduce your project. You can also introduce your startup team member and other information you want to include. Video should be within 1 minute. No editing and effect is needed. Please upload it to QQ Video and attach the URL to an applicable blank of the online application form.

1 – min video is only used for Acceleration Program Selection; we will keep it confidential.


Feel free to contact us anytime for more information


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